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Edinburgh Bathroom Fitters

Bathrooms are our passion and what we do best

We achieve the best results for our customers using a team of experienced, qualified tradesmen who understand how to create a high end bathroom whilst providing excellent customer service.

After the initial consultation the whole process is managed by one key contact. If you are unclear on exactly what you would like or what is even possible then we are happy to help. We have dealt with a whole range of bathroom renovations. Some which have been big budget and on a grand scale and some in tiny awkward spaces on much more modest budgets. In short, we are happy to take on all manner of projects!

We are flexible in our approach to bathroom fitting and able to do as little or as much as you like. We can provide a full design and installation service including plumbing, tiling, electrics, plastering and joinery or we can simply take care of the plumbing. We are also willing to fit items supplied by you.

Whether you supply your bathroom suite or we plan and supply all materials required for the entire project the attention to detail and quality of finish remains the same. We believe in providing the same level of service and care regardless of how much money you spend with us. Our prices are always reasonable because we do our best to keep our costs as low as we can. Although we have a trade office for administration purposes we do not have a glamorous showroom like some of our larger competitors!

All our work is insured and guaranteed for 1 year. We are able to dispose of all materials associated with the job and most importantly, we treat your home with respect leaving it clean and tidy.

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How to achieve your perfect bathroom

USE AND LOOK: What type of bathroom do you need? A bathroom for the whole family, for your own ensuite, for the kids, or for guests? Will young children or the elderly be using it? What style do you go for: ultra-modern, contemporary, traditional?

YOUR BATHROOM SPACE: Measure your bathroom. Is it an unusual shape or particularly small?

CHANGING THE LAYOUT: If you want to change the layout and move things around around, you need to consider the possible positions of your toilet. Most other items can be repositioned anywhere in the room but the position of your toilet depends on whether the soil vent, soil, and waste pipes can be moved. Another consideration is the direction in which your drainage pipes flow - the joists beneath your floorboards will help determine this.

ELECTRICS AND LIGHTING: How will your redesign affect the electrics? Can the wiring be moved? Don’t forget to think about natural light from the window as well as electric light. Do you need a stronger light for make-up or shaving? Do you need a heated bathroom mirror to stop it misting up?

STORAGE: How much do you need? Your options are endless, so talk it through early on to make sure you have enough and that it’s planned efficiently into your space.

CREATING MORE SPACE: Can you move your entrance door? Could you hang it from the opposite door frame or open it outwards? If there’s space, would you like a shower enclosure? If you have one already, could it be moved?

HEATING: What type do you want; radiator, decorative heated towel rail, underfloor? Can your existing radiator or fan be moved? To make the most of limited space, think about a heated towel rail or ladder radiator.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Don’t forget to think about taps, wastes and accessories.

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